Our mission

We invite you on a journey towards your unique place in the world. It’s a quest that takes more than one night, but we believe that the first step is to learn how to interact in a different way. It’s the key to unlocking the deep connection we all desire: to ourselves, to others, and to the world.

Makuma is about learning to accept ourselves, and the people we interact with.

Just as we feel freer to discover new aspects of ourselves when we travel, we believe that interacting with others who share our quest for acceptance can lead us to honestly explore aspects of ourselves we’ve never paid attention to before.

Interacting with others in a way where we both feel seen, heard, and accepted – even when we don’t agree – allows us to have the conversations we need to really get to know each other, and also to discover ourselves and the world around us. These strong relationships to ourselves and each other can act as a guiding compass through an otherwise lonely world. 

Through our courses, counseling services, and written content based on science, kindness, and empathy, Makuma offers access to a new level of being with yourself and with the other. Through these interactions, we might discover that our route to happiness isn’t the ‘normal’ path we have been offered.

Our life purpose can become clearer to us when we meet others who act with purpose and passion. And maybe it’s easier than we thought for our dreams to come true when we are surrounded by people who accept us, care about us, and deserve our trust. Perhaps our path is neither expensive nor complicated; we just needed to meet the right people to help us discover it.