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University was great. You learned so much about the mind, about emotions and environments and how humans function. You decided this is the career path you want to take. Then, at some point, you graduated. The questions and anxieties of a world where you needed to juggle passion with business, marketing, finances, competition and global challenges started coming in.
  • How will I pay the rent for an office?
  • Will people trust me enough to choose me as a mental health specialist?
  • Will I be able to make a living out of this passion that I studied hard for?
  • How do I promote myself when I haven’t studied marketing and don’t have time to learn about it now?
  • Why does my professional Facebook page fail to generate new clients?
  • How am I going to find clients?
We have been speaking to many people in your situation, so we know how being a beginner in therapy, counselling, coaching, mental health and wellbeing is not an easy task. That is why we are focussed on solving these challenges. If you’d be interested in the opportunity of practicing what you have learned in a safe, learning environment, read further.

Who are we?

Since 2016, Makuma has been delivering real-world educational experiences to help people form better relationships. We have helped hundreds of people, mainly through fun social events. Participants gave us an average score of 4.3 stars (out of 5). Now our team of psychologists have turned their focus to creating a network that mixes up digital educational experiences and direct interaction with mental health specialists. The extensive psychological literature that we have read, combined with our own research has revealed to us the importance of creating and maintaining healthy relationships, acquiring social skills and building self confidence. Sadly there is a lack of specialized, evidence-based programmes of this kind in Eastern Europe. We are hoping to address this. We are on a mission to help people overcome loneliness, know themselves better and create healthier relationships. We are looking for people like you to help us achieve that.

Who are we looking for?

People who are:
  • Psychology Masters graduates eager to start a career in therapy, counselling and coaching
  • particularly passionate about healthy relationships, social skills and wellbeing
  • independent, self motivated and able to work remotely with a variety of digital tools
  • eager to be part of a supportive team that offers a safe space for learning and developing skills
  • proactive, flexible and willing to organize their own schedule
  • confident at a conversational level in English, familiar with English psychological language, and also fluent in another language

What do we offer?

Working with us, you will benefit from:
  • a space to develop and practice your knowledge and skills when it comes to working with those first clients and all the emotions that this brings
  • being part of a supportive, bonded team of experienced psychologists and young, enthusiastic beginners
  • mentors to guide and help you in your process of becoming a confident and autonomous practitioner
  • the chance to work remotely from wherever you’d like to, so that you won’t have to worry about paying the rent, finding a space or unexpected global events ruining your plans and finances
  • the opportunity to specialize in a highly important domain of human psychology and to engage in work that is meaningful to you

What will you do?

  • deliver online support sessions, either one-to-one or for a group
  • support customers in their educational journey in the field of healthy relationships
  • help develop tools to facilitate learning about healthy relationships and wellbeing
  • attend workshops and courses about best practices in the area you’ll be working in, as well as teambuilding events. Due to the global SARS-CoV2 situation, these will currently all be online, but there is a possibility of meeting face-to-face in the future.
At the moment, we are working hard to turn this vision into reality. If we sparked your curiosity and see yourself getting involved when we will launch this idea, sign up below and we will keep you up to date with our progress and the opportunities that will arise.

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