Ecological, communal living - in the city

Are you attracted to the idea of living in an ecovillage, but aren’t ready to move away from your friends and give up all that the city has to offer? Us too.

We love to experience the calm of nature, but we also value the vibrant life of the city, and want to be strongly connected to the wider community in Cluj Napoca. We want to support existing initiatives here, and to inspire a diverse range of people by creating an attractive and accessible example of modern eco living.

Communal living can present challenges and gives us opportunities to develop our compassion, empathy and relationship skills. In return, it can feel wonderful to always come home to people who care about us, and share our values.

The right size

We’re aiming to eventually grow to a scale that’s small enough that you can easily get to know everyone, but large enough that you’ll find a few people that you really ‘click’ with. That’s probably around 30-40 residents, with a mixture of eco-entrepreneurs, people who support them in different ways, and one or two short-term visitors who bring fresh perspectives.

As well as creating the right ‘vibe’, having this many people living in a single building provides an opportunity for environmentally sustainable startups to find their first customers.

For example, a startup might provide tools, audio-visual equipment or electric vehicles for flexible hire to residents and the local community, to avoid everyone having to buy their own. Having a community of supportive, like-minded people in one place provides an ‘early adopter’ market to get started, with less logistical challenges.

‘Tiny house’ thinking

Space in the city comes at a high cost, especially in Cluj Napoca. Sadly that forces many creatives and young entrepreneurs to leave the city in search of more affordable accommodation.

We’d like to experiment with an alternative that’s inspired by the way that “tiny houses” efficiently use space. Using a combination of flexible furniture, smart home technology and new attitudes towards sharing, we can create a building that provides comfortable, modern, minimalist accommodation at affordable prices.

For example, we can use folding furniture to transform your apartment into an office during the day. This gives a startup team space to focus on creating positive environmental impact even if their business isn't yet generating sufficient profit to pay full rent on a regular office.

Hear some of the play:space team introduce themselves and answer questions about the co-living part of the project

By being flexible and sharing space, you're making a significant contribution to creating a more sustainable world.