Events & classes

Makuma play:space offers an opportunity for us all to get to know ourselves and others both through honest conversations and on the embodied, physical level - to develop our bodies, minds and soul. A comfortable, flexible events space provides a welcoming home for training sessions, workshops, classes, art and transformative social experiences.

Quiet your mind by listening to your body

Modern life often throws constant challenges at us, so it’s no surprise we get stuck in our heads, constantly trying to solve problems or anticipate issues that might come up in the future.

We believe it’s important to ‘climb down’ into our bodies from time to time, and learn to appreciate the physical nature of our existence. Reconnecting with our bodies can help us to live in the moment, and to find a deeper connection with each other.

A social spa experience

Practices such as yoga, acro-yoga and pilates can help us relax, become more flexible and feel great. Wouldn’t that be the perfect moment to connect with other people?

play:space puts a more social twist on the normal ‘spa’ or fitness experience. Each activity is transformed into an opportunity to connect with others, such as:

  • massage classes where you’re paired to exchange massage and learn techniques
  • guided dance sessions to freely express the feelings the music brings alive in us
  • acro-yoga to increase strength, flexibility and balance with a partner or someone new

Connect with yourself, connect with others

play:space offers a safe, relaxing and comfortable environment in which we can feel free to be ourselves and be curious to get to know others. Our activities encourage participants to be compassionate and non-judgemental in their reactions, so that we can all feel more comfortable to express our thoughts and feelings freely.

The physical environment of play:space also helps us to relax, with a peaceful design full of plants, pastel colours, calm music and cosy hideaways where we can have deeper conversations and find a more intimate connection with each other.