Our mission

Why we need play:space

Our destabilising climate and collapsing biodiversity demands us to make rapid and significant changes to almost every aspect of society, to switch to a circular economy powered by renewable energy.

With a challenge so enormous, it's easy to feel stuck and overwhelmed.

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We want to solve this by creating a new home for a supportive community that gives an opportunity for everyone to discover how they can contribute to the transformation of our society to sustainability.

Challenges that can seem overwhelming when faced alone can be something we can happily tackle when we know we have a supportive community behind us.

trash in water

Why the name?

When we take an overly critical attitude, we tend to focus on all the potential difficulties with every solution - and, inevitably, give up before we have really tried.

play:space helps us to feel confident to try new, unproven, innovative solutions. That’s the attitude we need if we want to develop and scale successful new products, services and trends that are significantly more sustainable.

We realise it’s often difficult to do something new if those around you only remind you all the ways you could fail! When you come to play:space, you’ll find a supportive community who welcomes every kind of learning - even through trying, ‘failing’ and continually learning.