Eating together has always been a way to nurture relationships. play:space restaurant builds on this tradition, by creating a unique opportunity for connecting with new people, as well as with friends and lovers.

We also seek to build relationships between diners, chefs and producers. Knowing the story of how the ingredients were grown and transformed gives us a deeper appreciation for the dish that’s in front of us.

Healthy, sustainable and delicious

There’s lots of science to show that shifting towards a plant-based diet can bring significant health benefits. We can enjoy food without the “heavy” feeling that comes with eating meat and dairy.

What’s more, it’s also much better for the environment, especially when we use local, seasonal fruits and vegetables that are grown without pesticides. New ingredients such as alternative proteins are also becoming available, offering a greater variety of flavours than ever before while being much more sustainable than animal agriculture.

play:space will host Cluj Napoca’s first plant-based community restaurant, to showcase the most creative and delicious recipes. You’ll be able to experience the diverse flavours that plant-based cuisine can offer, and learn to cook them yourself.

A space for culinary creativity

Unlike most kitchens, play:space won’t have a permanent staff who have to show up and cook the same dishes every day. Instead, the play:space kitchen can be booked by anyone who’d like to cook their favourite plant-based dishes and offer them to others.

Simply use our web site to book a slot in the kitchen, pre-order the ingredients you need and write a description of the dish you’d like to create. Your dish will be added to the electronic menu for that day, so that your friends, the community and members of the public can pre-order your dish before you even start cooking. That way, we can avoid food waste.

Experimentation and learning is encouraged, facilitated by feedback from diners so you can find ways to constantly improve the flavours and accommodate the preferences of those you’re cooking for. Even for experienced chefs, this offers the perfect opportunity to ‘up your game’ in the area of plant-based cuisine and discover new ideas and ingredients.

A shop with the freshest local ingredients

play:space will grow fresh herbs and salad on site, and will also forge relationships with local producers to source the best fruits and vegetables from the local area. By taking the produce that’s available at each moment, we help avoid good food going to waste. We’ll use electric vehicles to collect the produce and bring it to the city without creating air pollution.

This produce will be offered for online ordering and pickup from play:space, or for use when you’re cooking in the kitchen. We challenge you to use your culinary creativity to create delicious plant-based meals that use as many ingredients as possible from what’s available locally that day.

A social dining experience

Even if you come alone, we will create an environment in which you can comfortably start conversations with others. Our focus on compassionate, authentic relationships as the foundation for our core community provides an influential example that many diners will embrace. So whether you come to eat with someone with whom you’d like to connect deeply or you come alone and open to meet new people, you’ll find real human connection.