Eco startup community

play:space is building a supportive community dedicated to tackling the world's most urgent environmental challenges by nurturing successful businesses that offer attractive, convenient and environmentally sustainable products and services.

This community is formed around two core principles:

  1. A shared desire to tackle important environmental issues and move towards a stable, diverse and thriving ecosystem, through a diversity of technologies and approaches
  2. A shared desire to cooperate and help each other - with the acknowledgement that this can often be challenging, and is a skill we all seek to improve over time

This community includes the entrepreneurs themselves, but also everyone who wants to support them.

Anyone who supports the goals of these businesses is encouraged to contribute their:

  • knowledge, expertise and creativity
  • financial investment, tools, buildings and other resources
  • introductions to the right people

By supporting these environmental businesses and providing a welcoming physical environment for us to all work together, we can discover the many ways in which we are each able to contribute value and create the world we want to live in.

A ‘relationships first’ approach

Effective collaboration can only be built on a foundation of healthy relationships, where people care about one another, as well as the impact they’re creating and the work that they do.

That’s why play:space focuses on creating the right physical and social environment for honest, compassionate relationships to form. From that base, innovation and sustained collaborative action will emerge. With the trusting bonds that emerge over time, we can comfortably share the resources, knowledge and experiences that help others to succeed.

play:space will also provide the work space and facilities these startups need to thrive, such as well equipped office space, shared equipment and IT infrastructure.