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Are these questions familiar?

  • “I wish I knew how my friends have such a happy relationship”
  • “How can I make sure my next relationship is better than my last?”
  • “If only I didn’t become all shy every time I meet somebody attractive!”
  • “Where can I find a partner I’ll be truly happy with?”
  • “I’m wasting my best years alone, while everyone around me settles down”
  • “How can I be attractive when I’m not the center of attention?”

Stop wasting your time searching for answers online. Start learning effective habits you can put into practice today.

Discover the fundamental principles for attracting the partners who are right for you.

Learn simple habits that lead to happy, healthy relationships that last

Complete habit-forming challenges so that you actually incorporate these ideas into your life

Feel in control of your dating life

Makuma: Relationship Skills is the only online relationship skills course where the content is tailored to you and your situation. No need to figure out which of the thousands of articles, videos and books apply to you. Simply answer a few questions and receive a personalized curriculum that teaches you exactly what you need to know.

Everyone can find love

– if they take the time to really look for it.

A quality relationship is one of the most important parts of a happy life, yet so many people leave everything to chance. Of course, there’s always a little luck involved, but there many ways you can tilt the odds in your favor.

Topics covered in a typical course – how to:

  • be attractive without needing to be a movie star
  • feel relaxed and confident around people you’re attracted to
  • quickly judge whether a relationship is going where you need it to
  • know when to commit more, and when to give yourself space
  • be close to your partner while also maintaining your individuality
  • worry less about relationships, so you can get on with enjoying life

We all need a helping hand, from time to time.

It’s normal to study the skills you need for your career, play sports or play an instrument. So why not study how to have healthier, happier relationships?

Since 2015, Makuma has been delivering practical real-world educational experiences to help people form better relationships. We have helped hundreds of people, mainly through fun social events. Participants gave us an average score of 4.3 stars (out of 5).

Now our team of psychologists have turned their focus to bringing you the most useful insights from the academic literature, brought to life through engaging lessons. We are committed to helping you integrate the best knowledge into your everyday habits, to bring you relationship success.

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