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Hi there, dreamer, do-er and change maker!

We are Makuma, an initiative that nurtures compassionate, authentic relationships, social skills, self-acceptance and personal development. We are building a digital library of meaningful experiences and activities to support people in starting and deepening their personal development process, create meaningful change in their relationships with themselves, their partners, their communities and ultimately the planet and ecosystem we live in. We also link them to further opportunities for learning, offered by people like yourself.

Who are we?

A team of passionate individuals working to create change in the world. You can read more about our mission and our team.

What is the mission of Makuma?

You’re here because you have a gift for creating meaningful learning experiences for others. 

Through your work, you contribute to transforming the lives of the people you touch.

With your guidance, they can become aware, compassionate and confident actors of change in a world faced with many challenges.

However, after returning from a powerful experience – such as a project, retreat or intense workshop – it can be difficult to maintain a long-term change. Life back home can get overwhelming. 

Many people get caught in the same patterns again and again. Nurturing the change takes consistent practice of the new skills, beliefs or attitudes. And sometimes, the world itself is not friendly for physical experiences, yet the learning doesn’t have to stop. 

At the same time, others might feel the need for a change, for learning in their lives – but are unable to have it due to various constraints- from location to time or finances. 

As a facilitator of change, you have probably felt this too – even more in these last two years, when our work faced many challenges and transitions. 

We felt a need to create a solution that is available both in between learning experiences but also to people at the beginning of their personal development journey. Diving into our own experience and research of psychology literature, we found that the journey of self acceptance, awareness and compassionate, healthy relationships needs to be taken day by day. 

For long-term change to be more likely, humans need to integrate the new into their old lives.  

At the same time, we can’t spend our entire life in trainings, retreats or therapy, no matter how fulfilling those experiences are.

A daily practice supports the value of everything we learn. 

That’s why this kind of digital learning has value. It means easy ways to add meaning to busy modern life through small, yet consistent activities. It means maintaining wisdom and awareness when conditions are not ideal. 

And what’s more, it means helping people find out about the other experiences they can have in the spaces that you create. 

We invite you to link your personal offers to the activities that you contribute with. Like this, the people that resonate with your voice and style can find you. 

So, how will it all look like? Read on…

How will it work?

The Makuma app will:

  • offer a space for activity creators to promote their work, receive feedback from the users, be recommended and create an honest and powerful representation in the online world
  • offer people a safe space to practice behaviors, attitudes and skills  gradually, constantly and consistently
  • help learning guides reach more people and make authentic personal development easily available –  including for those who live in remote areas, people with lower income or people caught up in busy personal lives
  • bring experiential learning into the digital world, taking users out of their comfort zone even when they are in their comfortable physical environment
  • give activity creators a chance to explore with different topics and activities, see what works and discover new interests

But… isn’t digital the opposite of human connection? 

It is a challenge to recreate the processes that people have in circles through a digital platform. The guidance of a talented facilitator is not replaceable. We know. 

At the same time, these past two years have shown us how much space the digital world can take in our lives. 

Screens are becoming more and more a part of human experience. We can watch as they become a mechanism of avoidance, disinformation, fake images of perfection and mindless scrolling.  

Or we can use them in the direction of authenticity, connection and self awareness. We can choose to make the best of it, using technology to help us learn and stay connected.

Contribute an activity

If this has resonated with you, you can contribute with your activity ideas. If your activity proposal resonates with our values and mission, we will contact you on ways we can further collaborate, including financial rewards for your effort and creativity. 

As the app grows, if you wish, you will be able to link from the activities you contributed to your other offers (trainings, courses, sessions and so on). That way, people who found value in the activities you contributed and want to go deeper will have a chance to experience your other work, whether it’s physical or online.

No need to worry about how exactly your activity will be delivered digitally via an app, our technical team will take care of it.

If you can think of any others who might want to be a part of this, share the word and send them this page. 


Interesting, but unclear? Intrigued or curious? We’d love to get to know you more and answer any questions! Here you can book a video call with a member of our team!

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