How can Makuma help your business?

Our connection games are designed and facilitated to help your employees communicate more authentically and form better relationships. Businesses can expect to see benefits in:                                        

  • motivation and productivity
  • employee wellbeing
  • staff retention           
  • efficiency (through more direct communication)
  • innovation and creativity
  • effective teamwork
  • ability to quickly and effectively resolve conflicts

For a selection of the scientific evidence underpinning our approach, please see the “references” section below.

How can Makuma improve your event?

Many event organisers would like to build a community and help their participants connect with one another. Often, excellent speakers are arranged, and refreshments provided – but participants are then left alone when it comes to networking. Not all participants are comfortable with striking up conversations with strangers, and can often be found clinging to their colleagues or staring at their phones.

Our skilled facilitators can dramatically improve your participants’ experience. Our ‘connection games’ allow everyone to participate fully in networking opportunities, building meaningful connections that last long after the event is over.


What is Makuma?

Makuma is:

  • A carefully designed, facilitated experience;
  • Based on the science of social psychology;
  • Welcoming to all ages and personalities;
  • A safe space for authentic connection.

Makuma will:

  • Create a more relaxed and friendly work environment;
  • Strengthen human connections across teams;
  • Give staff confidence to innovate and challenge the status quo;
  • Help you retain the best employees.

Makuma connection games are a fun social experience that creates authentic, relaxed connections between participants.

We have been organising these events regularly in Cluj-Napoca for the last two years. Over this time, we have:

  • Discovered the best ways to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable and engaged
  • Trained a team of talented facilitators who create a positive experience for all
  • Built a community that enjoys socialising and organising activities together

Our events consist of a series of fun “connection games” that help participants skip the smalltalk and get to know each other. At first, the games are fast-paced but reveal a glimpse of participants’ lives, such as their preferences, hobbies and passions. As the event progresses, the games encourage participants to slow down, open up and go deeper into the topics that matter to them.

We have welcomed hundreds of participants of a wide range of ages, from diverse backgrounds and with a variety of attitudes. We’ve had great success in providing a positive experience to even the most introverted of participants, as well as the social butterflies. All participants are fully engaged throughout the event, with none left to watch from the sidelines.

These connection games are now available as a service to selected corporate partners who value creating authentic, informal connections between their employees or at their events. Our team will create and deliver a bespoke experience that is targeted to the needs of your organisation.


Our Values

Authentic and deep connections.

Satisfying, honest relationship between people.

Authentic communication that helps resolve conflicts.

An emphasis on self-awareness and wellbeing.

A comfortable, safe environment for all.


Why Makuma?

Our novel approach meets the needs of today’s digital culture. We emphasise human connections that go deeper than many “teambuilding” and networking events.

We believe that authentic communication and meaningful, satisfying relationships are the key to motivated individuals, better teamwork and and wellbeing.

We strive to be inclusive by carefully designing the games to be comfortable for everyone, not only extroverts. We help participants skip the small talk, in order to get to the real talk. The games are designed to create meaningful connections, not just one-off conversations.

We believe that the individual’s needs and desires are important to be heard and understood. That’s why we run games where people can be authentic, honest, vulnerable and heard when it comes to their real needs and desires. The environment that we promote is a safe one, a ”place” where people can be vulnerable and accepted as they are.

Our game design is based on solid scientific psychological evidence and industry-leading experience design principles. We improve our design constantly based on feedback from participants. Our facilitator team has been running connection games for two years, allowing us plentiful opportunities to hone our skills and refine the games.


What next?

Our team is ready to discuss your challenges, whether it’s employee motivation, retention, creativity, conflicts or communication. We’re also happy to share our advice on how to improve networking at events, or communication and relationships in your team.

Leave your contact details below and we’ll give you a call.





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