Call for activities


We are Makuma, an initiative that nurtures compassionate, authentic relationships, social skills, self-acceptance and personal development.

Help us build a digital library of meaningful experiences and activities to support people to improve their relationships with themselves, their partners, their communities and the planet.

What are we doing?

We’ve found that in the digital world, there’s a lack of meaningful and pleasant activities that foster learning and positive change. Screens have become more and more a part of our human experience, but they’re mostly used for mindless scrolling through glamorized versions of existence on social media platforms, endless fearful news or repetitive video calls that try to create human connection, yet often leave people feeling empty, drained and frustrated.

We are creating an alternative to this, to promote real positive change in the lives of our users. To achieve this, we need to gather short personal development activities and start offering them to the world. The activities we’re looking for can’t simply be found by searching Google.

This is why your contribution as a learning guide – trainer, coach, therapist, facilitator, teacher, programme creator – is what can help this library become reality. Your valuable experience and insights into working with people can add bricks to the building of a place for learning and transformation open for all.

If you want to join us in co-creating a digital environment that will help people have more authenticity, honesty, compassion and depth into their relationships and support them on their journey towards self-acceptance, contribute an activity through the form you find below.  

If your activity proposal resonates with our values and mission, we will contact you to discuss ways we can further collaborate, including covering the cost of your time

By gathering a diversity of activities, we can take the first steps to launch our initiative into the world. As this platform grows, the digital world can become a gate for awareness and positive change in our day to day life, online and in the physical world.

If you are still curious about who we are, what we do and who our target audience is, keep reading…

What issues are we addressing?

Our customer research has identified that the people we wish to help have strong needs around:

  • overcoming loneliness
  • developing self-acceptance and body acceptance
  • wanting to be appreciated for intellect and skills
  • having deep and honest conversations

The activities we’re looking for are short, concise and pleasant. They can be played alone or with others, during a video call or when meeting face-to-face.

These activities should be easily incorporated into people’s busy daily lives. At the same time, with regular practice, they hold educational and transformational value.

This library of activities will: 

  • foster a sense of intimacy and connection instead of the barriers both participants and trainers sometimes encounter in the digital world
  • support people in long term transformational processes, no matter where they live or how far along they are on their personal development journey, by nurturing the reflection, integration and action components in between learning experiences
  • through the short, pleasant and interactive format, create meaningful times while not draining the participants attention and energy resources